Planting Trees – some considerations you need to make

We briefly touched upon this very topic on our Services page, but felt the need to expand. So here goes.

Trees are wonderful additions to any garden or commercial site. They add height, grace and stature; provide a habitat for birds and release oxygen into the air, via photosynthesis. They benefit workers, visitors and homeowners in equal measure.

Some trees are not suited to smaller gardens or certain climates or conditions.

You wouldn't plant a copper beech tree or oak tree in a medium sized garden, given the heights and spread they develop. You need to consider aspect, eventual height and spread when planning a site.

You also have to decide whether you want evergreen trees or deciduous ones. Evergreen ones don't lose leaves and provide shelter, privacy and shade all year round. There are a huge variety of evergreen trees and you don't have to rely on the maligned Leylandii conifer which can quickly morph into a moisture sucking beast that won't allow much to thrive at its feet.

Photinias (the Red Robin) is a much more accommodating shrub or tree for domestic or commercial settings, whilst the Cotoneaster provides all year round interest with its foliage, flowers and berries.

Trees are expensive to buy.

You need to choose wisely so as not to waste money.

If you're looking for immediate visual impact in a show area, you can expect to pay hundreds of pounds for mature specimens.

Even a smaller fruit tree for a garden, like a Victoria Plum which is self fertilising, can cost between £15 to £50 dependent on age and condition.

There's no doubt though that when you enter a park, a stately home, a public open space, trees are alluring.

There's a special kind of magic about a copse, a wood or a forest which changes daily throughout the season.

King of Spades Ltd love the majesty of towering trees, and will happily advise you on how to make the most of that arboreal investment.

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