We offer commercial and private landscaping, including: site clearance and restoration; vegetation control; grass cutting; ecological and meadow creation; seeding and turfing, as well as other services for clients.

We also specialise in: show area design & build; public open space landscaping; supply and install of garden features; planting of trees and shrubs; fencing; paving and grounds maintenance.

Commercial and private landscaping

Our team has worked on countless commercial projects, and has developed a great deal of experience in delivering projects on time and on budget. 

We can provide you with practical guidance based on your needs. 

We have completed commercial and residential landscaping projects from Cumbria to North Wales, from our company base in Liverpool.  

Site clearance and restoration

We provide a wide range of small and large scale site clearance services. Whether you need clearance and management works for Commercial, Local Authority and private customers, our team can help.  We make sure your site is free from any hazards, obstacles or unsightly messes. Site restoration clears that site from contamination.

Grass cutting and vegetation control

Grass goes quickly but its appeal is universal and is a surface that is attractive for most months of a year and provides a natural habitat for birds and insects. Grass needs regular maintenance like feeding, scarifying and mowing. That process is time-consuming and costly if you decide to invest in appropriate lawn care equipment.

By outsourcing it to us, you’re saving money and time.

Ecological and meadow creation

Your site may be one of special interest and you may need to protect and encourage biodiversity. Meadows of wild flowers and grasses can do just that in a commercial or residential setting. By being kind to your environment, you’re adding ecological value. Ask us how we can harmonise your site with nature.

Seeding and turfing

Seeding and turfing may become a priority as land use changes or your business priorities alter. Grass is an attractive and affordable investment and, providing it’s not exposed to heavy foot traffic, looks great all year round. 

If your commercial or residential lawn develops patches, we can help restore it seamlessly with our expert team and knowledge.

Show area design and build

You may have an event you want to showcase, if you’re a large or small developer, you may want landscaping to attract visitors and encourage them to buy a property on that site. We can help with paving, fencing, planting and design to make an instant impact – so you and your visitors aren’t waiting months and years for the plot to mature. 

Public open space landscaping

Many towns, cities and villages are proud of their public open spaces, like parks and recreation grounds. We work with private businesses and local authorities in maintaining public open spaces to the highest standards – from lawn maintenance to tree planting to site clearance, King of Spades can help you.

Supply and install of garden features

Whether the garden is open to the public or private, commercial or residential, we can supply and install garden features. We have extensive experience in building structures like patios and decks, gazebos and arches, seating and walls, to make your garden attractive and inviting. 

Fencing and paving

“Good fences make good neighbours” some say. A boundary needs to be clearly defined with attractive and robust separation points. Fencing is something we specialise in for domestic and commercial clients. 

Paving is no less important in defining a route for visitors to your home or premises.

Planting and grounds maintenance

Knowing what to plant and when to plant is a science in itself. We know that the best time to plant trees is mid autumn as the roots should get sufficiently established with rain over the winter months.  Orientation and soil type plays a part too. If you dream, for instance, of a grove of rhododendrons, you need acid soil. If it’s alkaline, you need to look for alternatives, like maples.

Left untended, a garden or grounds will quickly become overgrown, laden with weeds and unsightly. We can advise you on planting and maintenance.

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